Week after cycle #3

Today has been 9 days since my third cycle of chemotherapy, and I feel back to normal. Sort of.

The first few days were of course filled with nausea, but this time it seems as though I was more tired than usual. The fatigue is starting to build up every time now.

Day 2 after chemo was a pajama and bed day, and day 3 was just a bed day. By day 4, Thursday, I was still staying in bed all day and taking many naps. The Neulesta shot arrived and my mother injected it into my tummy.  This shot is quite painful.  It gives off a temporary burning sensation to the site of injection. On day 5 the nausea seemed to go away and I was feeling a little bit better, but this time my bones ached from the Neulesta shot. Until Saturday I tried to take it easy because Nikita and I were going to a friend’s wedding 🙂

Some time after my third cycle, I noticed dark spots on my thumbs. This is a side effect from the medication and it will make my nails really ugly 🙁 Hopefully they just stay ridgy and no air bubbles develop under my nail bed. My nails are also feeling more sensitive than before.

By Saturday, I felt almost 100 percent back to normal and was excited to attend the wedding later in the evening. We decided to skip the church ceremony so I could have enough strength to last the night at the reception. We had a really nice time at the wedding and I am happy we went. I tried drinking some champagne and wine but it was not going down well for me. It was too soon after the chemo, usually I can have a glass of wine a week after a cycle. But that’s ok, I was the designated driver so I wasn’t worried about drinking. I ended up leaving early and letting Nik stay and have fun with his friends. Picked him up later in the night.

IMG_1075 IMG_1088 IMG_1087


The next day we had brunch with some of his friends from out of town and drove up to the American side of Niagara Falls. Nik left in the afternoon on Sunday and I made my way back home.

IMG_1105 IMG_1106

Day 6 Monday was a bad day for me. I was really cranky and had an awful headache the whole day.  It all seemed to go away later in the evening.

I am now feeling back to normal other than little side effects from the chemo, but they shall soon pass and I will carry on with my life. Till next cycle!!

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