A Clear Head Thanks to Reiki

Since finishing treatment in August 2013, I slowly went back into my old life. I passed my second year final exams for medical school, finished a 90 hour clerkship and started studying for my US Medical Board Exams.

In January 2014, I started an intense seven-week USMLE review course. For seven-weeks, five to six days a week I was in a lecture from 9am to 5pm listening to material that I studied in my first two years of medical school. Thanks to Reiki, my headaches eventually disappeared and I could finally focus for those long hours. The migraines reappeared in the last few weeks of the classes because of eyestrain from reading for long hours. Going to a Reiki session cleared my head and the pain went away.

To this day, my headaches are nowhere near as painful as the migraines I started getting 2 months post chemo. I would recommend Reiki to anyone who is stressed and wants to find a spiritual balance in his or her life. I was never a firm believer in alternative medicine but what I have personally gained from Reiki is life changing. There are no herbs you have to drink or chants you have to shout, it is a mix of positive energy and your believe in it working. What is most enticing about Reiki is that it can be used in conjunction with western medicine. For example, a person going through chemotherapy can also go to Reiki sessions without any effect on the mechanisms of either treatment.

Reiki can be done to anyone, at anytime in their life. Finding a genuine Reiki practitioner is crucial for effectiveness. Luckily, I was able to find an amazing Reiki master in Buffalo, NY that continues to balance my chakras and keep my mind, body and spirit aligned. I am so pleased with the effectiveness that I received with Reiki and how it has balanced me, and mostly importantly how it got rid of my migraines!!!

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