Pink Fight

Me in January at the Opera House in Budapest, Hungary.

Me in January at the Opera House in Budapest, Hungary.

My name is Kathryn, I am a 24 year old Medical Student. On April 1, 2013 I was diagnosed with stage 2 Breast Cancer, 16 days shy of my 24th birthday. The longest April fools day joke. Unfortunately there was no “JK” at the end when the surgeon told me my diagnosis.

After my mastectomy on April 9, 2013 I was diagnosed with a subtype of Invasive Ductual Carcinoma (IDC) called invasive glycogen rich clear cell carcinoma. Luckily, there were no metastases or lymph node involvement. The breast cancer is now out of me (Woohoo!!!) but, due to chance of reoccurance, I am receiving adjuvant Chemotherapy to decrease the likelihood of any more future “lumps in the road”.

My genetic test results came back positive for a mutated BRCA1 gene, although there is no family history of breast or ovarian cancer.

This is where I will post my road to recovery and details of my pink fight.

The goal of PINK FIGHT! is to increase awareness of breast cancer in all women, especially young women in which this disease is much less common.