Race for the Cure: The Susan G. Komen Walk

Today is a very special day. This morning, my amazing friend and her wonderful sister ran the Susan G Komen Walk, The Race for the cure. The Susan G Komen walk is an annual race done here in Buffalo every June to increase awareness for breast cancer and to finding a cure.


They walk participate in this race annually, but this year was special. This year, Hanah and her sister Husen walked in honor of me and my battle against Breast Cancer. A close family member of theirs is also battling a different cancer so this walk was very close to home for them.

A nurse from my fathers work, Barbara Tully, is also participating in this race in honor of me and I could not be more honored by everyones’ dedication. I truly feel blessed to have so much positive support, even from the people I barely know!


Hanah and Husen.
Love you girls xo

This  goes to show that cancer effects everyone, not just the person diagnosed but the whole family, friends and even co-workers. As one doctor once said “Cancer is a family disease, not an individuals'”.  The positivity coming from everyone is an overwhelming, amazing feeling that I am truly honored to be receiving.

Thank you all to all of your support, positive thinking and prayers.


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