To fitness!

While buying decongestion medicine for my poor boyfriend who is allergic to my cats and staying with my family a few days, I saw this magazine at the check out register at my local Drug Store. Feeling out of shape and wanting to be inspired I choose to buy it and get some motivation to work out. Nikita and I are going to a wedding on the second weekend of June and I want to get my legs toned for my white mini dress, therefore I was drawn to this months Muscle and Fitness Hers magazine.


Not only did I get the motivation that I needed to blog about today’s work out, but there was also an article about a woman who had completely changed her lifestyle after being diagnosed with Stage 0 breast cancer. After finding out about her diagnosis, the 33 year old Lynn Howland had a double mastectomy and also given the news that she carried the breast cancer gene. Lynn fell into a deep depression, from 115lbs the woman dropped down to 110lbs.


Lynn Howland before and after.

Before being diagnosed with breast cancer, Lynn would brag about  her incredible metabolism, she barely work-out and ate all the pizza and junk food you can only imagine. She weighed 115lbs with her lifestyle, even after giving birth to 2 kids! However, after learning that she is a carrier of the breast cancer gene and that the breast cancer could reoccur she decided to change her lifestyle in regards to her health and fitness. She is now a healthy eater and a frequent gym goer. She changed her life for the best! INSPIRATIONAL.

This goes to show that you can have an amazing metabolism but eating right and maintaining a healthy lifestyle will keep you healthy and will you give strength to fight off any illness!